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Exam Success in Enterprise for Cambridge IGCSE
Terry Cook
Exam Success in Enterprise for Cambridge IGCSE
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Focused on grade improvement, this Exam Success Guide brings much-needed clarity to exam preparation, equipping students to achieve their best in the IGCSE assessment (0454), and beyond. This guide allows students to recap and review key course content, apply their knowledge, and hone exam techniques. It also includes examiner tips, 'Raise your grade' advice and exam-style practice to ensure your students are exam-ready. Perfect for use alongside the Complete Enterprise for Cambridge IGCSE Student Book or as a standalone resource for independent revision.

1 Introduction to enterprise
1.1 What is meant by enterprise?
1.2 Ways for students to be enterprising in everyday life
2 Setting up a new enterprise
2.1 The enterprise process
2.2 Types of business organisation
3 Enterprise skills
3.1 Skills of enterprising people
3.2 Behaviours of entrepreneurs
4 Enterprise opportunities, risk, legal obligations and ethical considerations
4.1 Enterprise opportunities
4.2 Risk
4.3 Legal obligations
4.4 Ethical considerations
5 Negotiation
5.1 The negotiation process
6 Finance
6.1 Sources of finance
6.2 The concept of trade credit
6.3 Financial terms
6.4 Financial records
7 Business planning
7.1 Business objectives
7.2 Action plans
7.3 Business plans
8 Markets and customers
8.1 The purpose of marketing
8.2 Market research
8.3 Customer retention
8.4 Marketing communications
9 Help and support for enterprise
9.1 Sources of help and support
10 Communication
10.1 Types of communication
10.2 Meetings and presentations
11 Coursework
11.1 Choosing a suitable project
11.2 Task 1: Explaining your choice of project
11.3 Task 2: Planning the project
11.4 Task 3: Using enterprise skills to implement the plan
11.5 Task 4: Evaluating the project
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