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Carlong English A for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises - 2nd Edition
Keith Noel, Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott
Education & Teaching
Carlong English A for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises - 2nd Edition
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Carlong English A for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises - 2nd Edition retains the main elements of the first edition. It has been revised to include the material to be examined in the latest syllabus. The book gently coaches students through the requirements of the examination. It builds the skills required for success through extensive illustration of the process involved in developing continuous prose writing proficiently. Additionally, it now includes a whole new section on speech development and delivery.

Look out for:
• Extensive multiple-choice exercises for building English language competency and giving examination practice
• Scaffolding exercises that treat with more complex language structures
• Guided analysis of passages using discussions and sample answers
• Focus on the skills required for writing short stories, summaries, letters and articles
• Practice in speech development and delivery
• Practice questions and other activities for students to complete on their own
• Hints and pointers on how to do well in the examination
• Glossary of terms frequently used in the examination
• Four simulated examination papers – two for Paper 1 and two for Paper 2
• Three additional 60-item multiple-choice practice tests

Preliminary pages
SECTION A: Grammar and Usage
Understanding the Basic Skills
Testing Grammar and Usage: Paper 1
Multiple-Choice Exercises
Multiple-Choice Tests
SECTION B: Factual Writing
Understanding Factual Writing
Skills Building
SECTION C: Factual Writing - Reports
What the Examiners Say
Illustration: Basic Report Format
Practice in the Basics
Reporting on Figures and Statistics
Expository Essays
SECTION D: Literary Writing
Understanding Literary Writing
Elements of Effective Writing
Understanding Skills: Literary Writing
SECTION E: Literary Writing - Expression
Writing to Give Pleasure
A Systematic Approach to Short Story Writing
SECTION F: Persuasive Writing
Understanding Opinion
Understanding Skills: Persuasive Writing
SECTION G: Writing to Persuade
Focus: The Examination
Methods of Arguing
Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices
Persuasive Letters
Persuasive Speeches
Persuasive Articles
Persuasive Writing Practice: Letters, Speechesand Articles
SECTION H: Reflection and Oral Presentations
Listening, Reflecting and Oral Presentations
More Activities for Listening and Oral Presentations
SECTION I: The Examination
Advice to the Student
Practice Examinations
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