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Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd Edition
Keith Noel, Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott, Carol Hunter-Clarke
Education & Teaching
Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd Edition
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Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd Edition retains the main elements of the second edition. It has been revised to include the material to be examined in the latest syllabus. The book gently coaches students through the requirements of the examination. It builds the skills required for success through extensive illustration of the process involved in analysing poetry, drama and prose.

Look out for:
• Discussion and analysis of numerous poems, play-texts and prose extracts
• Practice questions and quick quizzes for students to complete on their own
• Hints and pointers on the set texts and on how to do well in the examination
• Focus on the language of literary criticism and a glossary of literary terms
• Glossary of terms frequently used in the examination
• Four simulated examination papers for the 2018–2023 syllabus – two for Paper 1 and two for Paper 2
• Online support material on Carlong's Learning Portal featuring:
• Dramatized recordings of the twenty recommended poems
• Dramatized audio-visual recordings of selected prose pieces
• Detailed analysis of selected literary pieces
• Tips and insights from experts in the field

Preliminary pages
To the Student
To the Teacher
Section 1: The CSEC® Syllabus
Demands on the student
Skills Tested by the CSEC® Examination
How This Book Will Help You
Studying for the English B Examination
Section 2: The Language Of Literary Criticism
Literary terms
Understanding Literary Terms
Meaning and Intention
Comparing and Contrasting to Heighten Meaning
Using Sound to Deepen Meaning
Other Terms
A Quick Quiz
Section 3: Understanding Poetry
Poetry in a new light
Removing Your Fears About Poetry
Meeting the Requirements of the Syllabus
Preparing for Paper 1
‘Unseen’ Poems
Section 4: Poetry
Creative Ways of Studying the Poems
Structure, Form and Meaning
Identifying the Themes
Grouping and Pairing Poems in Paper 2
The Poet’s Use of Figurative Language/Devices
How to Study for Paper 2
How to Write an ‘A’ Essay
Practice Questions for Paper 2
Some Final Words
Section 5: Drama
Studying extracts from play-texts
What the Syllabus Requires
What is a Play?
Stage Directions
Authorial Commentary
The Reality of Play Production
The Willing Suspension of Disbelief
The Unities
A Quick Quiz
Technical Terms
A Quick Quiz
Preparing for Paper 1
The Drama Extract
Practice Exercises
Section 6: Drama
Studying a play-text
Peculiarities of Plays
Types of Plays
Studying a Play
Studying the set texts
Ti-Jean and His Brothers
The Tempest
Section 7: Prose
Studying prose fiction
To Help You Prepare
What is Prose Fiction?
Writers’ Techniques
Building your literary skills and preparing for Paper 1
Analysing Prose Extracts: Writers’ Techniques
Narrative techniques
Sample Test
Section 8: Prose Fiction
Studying set texts
What the CSEC®Syllabus Requires
Characteristics of the Short Story
The Set Texts – Analysing the Short Stories
Study guide and exercises
The Day the World Almost Came to an End
To Da-duh, in Memoriam
The Man of the House
The Two Grandmothers
Study guide
The Other Stories
Blood Brothers
The Boy Who Loved Ice Cream
Mom Luby and the Social Worker
Themes Web
Revision – further exploration and practice
Theme Topics
The set texts – studying novels
How to Study a Novel
The set texts – analysing the novels
To Kill a Mockingbird
Breath, Eyes, Memory
Revision activities – novels
Activity 1 – Narrative Techniques
Activity 2 – Themes Matrix
Section 9: Answering Literature Questions
Preparing for the English B examination
What the Examination Requires
The Examination Paper
How to Excel in Paper 1
How to Excel in Paper 2
Terms Frequently Used in Literature Examinations
Section 10: Practice Examinations
2018–2023 SYLLABUS
1st Practice Paper 1
1st Practice Paper 2
2nd Practice Paper 1
2nd Practice Paper 2
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