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The Small House at Allington
Anthony Trollope
The Small House at Allington

An innocent young woman agrees to marry a socialite but is devastated when he opts to break his commitment and marry the daughter of an Earl.

I: The Squire of Allington
II: The Two Pearls of Allington
III: The Widow Dale of Allington
IV: Mrs. Roper’s Boardinghouse
V: About L. D.
VI: Beautiful Days
VII: The Beginning of Troubles
VIII: It Cannot Be
IX: Mrs. Dale’s Little Party
X: Mrs. Lupex and Amelia Roper
XI: Social Life
XII: Lilian Dale Becomes a Butterfly
XIII: A Visit to Guestwick
XIV: John Eames Takes a Walk
XV: The Last Day
XVI: Mr. Crosbie Meets an Old Clergyman on His Way to Courcy Castle
XVII: Courcy Castle
XVIII: Lily Dale’s First Love-Letter
XIX: The Squire Makes a Visit to the Small House
XX: Dr. Crofts
XXI: John Eames Encounters Two Adventures, and Displays Great Courage in Both
XXII: Lord De Guest at Home
XXIII: Mr. Plantagenet Palliser
XXIV: A Mother-in-Law and a Father-in-Law
XXV: Adolphus Crosbie Spends an Evening at His Club
XXVI: Lord De Courcy in the Bosom of His Family
XXVII: “On My Honour, I Do Not Understand It.”
XXVIII: The Board
XXIX: John Eames Returns to Burton Crescent
XXX: Is It from Him?
XXXI: The Wounded Fawn
XXXII: Pawkins’s in Jermyn Street
XXXIII: “The Time Will Come.”
XXXIV: The Combat
XXXV: Vae Victis
XXXVI: “See, the Conquering Hero Comes.”
XXXVII: An Old Man’s Complaint
XXXVIII: Doctor Crofts Is Called In
XXXIX: Dr. Crofts Is Turned Out
XL: Preparations for the Wedding
XLI: Domestic Troubles
XLII: Lily’s Bedside
XLIII: Fie, Fie!
XLIV: Valentine’s Day at Allington
XLV: Valentine’s Day in London
XLVI: John Eames at His Office
XLVII: The New Private Secretary
XLVIII: Nemesis
XLIX: Preparations for Going
L: Mrs. Dale Is Thankful for a Good Thing
LI: John Eames Does Things Which He Ought Not to Have Done
LII: The First Visit to the Guestwick Bridge
LIII: Loquitur Hopkins
LIV: The Second Visit to the Guestwick Bridge
LV: Not Very Fie Fie After All
LVI: Showing How Mr. Crosbie Became Again a Happy Man
LVII: Lilian Dale Vanquishes Her Mother
LVIII: The Fate of the Small House
LIX: John Eames Becomes a Man
LX: Conclusion
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