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The Eustace Diamonds
Anthony Trollope
The Eustace Diamonds

A young widow wreaks havoc as she attempts to maintain possession of a valuable diamond necklace from her late husband’s estate.

I: Lizzie Greystock
II: Lady Eustace
III: Lucy Morris
IV: Frank Greystock
V: The Eustace Necklace
VI: Lady Linlithgow’s Mission
VII: Mr. Burke’s Speeches
VIII: The Conquering Hero Comes
IX: Showing What the Miss Fawns Said, and What Mrs. Hittaway Thought
X: Lizzie and Her Lover
XI: Lord Fawn at His Office
XII: “I Only Thought of It”
XIII: Showing What Frank Greystock Did
XIV: “Doan’t Thou Marry for Munny”
XV: “I’ll Give You a Hundred Guinea Brooch”
XVI: Certainly an Heirloom
XVII: The Diamonds Are Seen in Public
XVIII: “And I Have Nothing to Give”
XIX: “As My Brother”
XX: The Diamonds Become Troublesome
XXI: “Ianthe’s Soul”
XXII: Lady Eustace Procures a Pony for the Use of Her Cousin
XXIII: Frank Greystock’s First Visit to Portray
XXIV: Showing What Frank Greystock Thought About Marriage
XXV: Mr. Dove’s Opinion
XXVI: Mr. Gowran Is Very Funny
XXVII: Lucy Morris Misbehaves
XXVIII: Mr. Dove in His Chambers
XXIX: “I Had Better Go Away”
XXX: Mr. Greystock’s Troubles
XXXI: Frank Greystock’s Second Visit to Portray
XXXII: Mr. and Mrs. Hittaway in Scotland
XXXIII: “It Won’t Be True”
XXXIV: Lady Linlithgow at Home
XXXV: Too Bad for Sympathy
XXXVI: Lizzie’s Guests
XXXVII: Lizzie’s First Day
XXXVIII: Nappie’s Grey Horse
XXXIX: Sir Griffin Takes an Unfair Advantage
XL: “You Are Not Angry?”
XLI: “Likewise the Bears in Couples Agree”
XLII: Sunday Morning
XLIII: Life at Portray
XLIV: A Midnight Adventure
XLV: The Journey to London
XLVI: Lucy Morris in Brook Street
XLVII: Matching Priory
XLVIII: Lizzie’s Condition
XLIX: Bunfit and Gager
L: In Hertford Street
LI: Confidence
LII: Mrs. Carbuncle Goes to the Theatre
LIII: Lizzie’s Sickroom
LIV: “I Suppose I May Say a Word”
LV: Quints or Semitenths
LVI: Job’s Comforters
LVII: Humpty Dumpty
LVIII: The Fiddle with One String
LIX: Mr. Gowran Up in London
LX: “Let It Be as Though It Had Never Been”
LXI: Lizzie’s Great Friend
LXII: “You Know Where My Heart Is”
LXIII: The Corsair Is Afraid
LXIV: Lizzie’s Last Scheme
LXV: Tribute
LXVI: The Aspirations of Mr. Emilius
LXVII: The Eye of the Public
LXVIII: The Major
LXIX: “I Cannot Do It”
LXX: Alas!
LXXI: Lizzie Is Threatened with the Treadmill
LXXII: Lizzie Triumphs
LXXIII: Lizzie’s Last Lover
LXXIV: Lizzie at the Police-Court
LXXV: Lord George Gives His Reasons
LXXVI: Lizzie Returns to Scotland
LXXVII: The Story of Lucy Morris Is Concluded
LXXVIII: The Trial
LXXIX: Once More at Portray
LXXX: What Was Said About It All at Matching
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