Collins®: Economics for Cape

Collins®: Economics for Cape

By Dave Ramsingh
US$ 27.99
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Book Description

Economics for CAPE is a comprehensive text for students studying for the Caribbean Examinations Council’s Advanced Proficiency Examination in Economics. It covers all aspect of the current syllabus in Economics and features examples and contexts with specific relevance to the Caribbean.

This book has been carefully written, with an easy and accessible style, to make difficult Economics concepts accessible to all students. Based on the author’s awareness - from extensive teaching experience - of where students struggle and how to help them.

• Easy, accessible style reflects the author’s awareness from long teaching experience of what can make some concepts in Economics difficult for students

• Clear concise text describing key economic concepts in straightforward English • Diagrams, bulleted lists and tables to summarize information

• Examples of common student errors and misconceptions

• Helpful hints and step by step guidelines wherever possible

• Section summaries and End of Unit summaries to aid revision

• Practice questions at the end of each Unit, to enable students to assess their progress

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 The economic problem
  • Chapter 2 Economic systems
  • Chapter 3 Tools of economic analysis
  • Chapter 4 Theory of demand
  • Chapter 5 Elasticity of demand
  • Chapter 6 How to produce: theory of supply I
  • Chapter 7 How to produce: theory of supply II
  • Chapter 8 Market equilibrium
  • Chapter 9 The cost of production
  • Chapter 10 Market structures
  • Chapter 11 Price, revenue and profi t concepts
  • Chapter 12 Monopoly and monopolistic competition
  • Chapter 13 Oligopoly and contestable markets
  • Chapter 14 Market failure
  • Chapter 15 Role of government and market failures
  • Chapter 16 Theory of income distribution
  • Chapter 17 The interaction of labour markets and unions
  • Chapter 18 Interest, profi t and rent
  • Chapter 19 The distribution of income
  • Chapter 20 Macroeconomics
  • Chapter 21 National income: the circular fl ow of income
  • Chapter 22 National income: determination
  • Chapter 23 Consumption and savings
  • Chapter 24 Investment
  • Chapter 25 National income equilibrium: Keynesian cross model
  • Chapter 26 Fiscal policy
  • Chapter 27 Money and banking
  • Chapter 28 Monetary policy
  • Chapter 29 Infl ation
  • Chapter 30 Unemployment
  • Chapter 31 The main classical and Keynesian economic ideas
  • Chapter 32 International trade
  • Chapter 33 Exchange rates
  • Chapter 34 Balance of payments
  • Chapter 35 Foreign direct investment
  • Chapter 36 Economic growth
  • Chapter 37 Economic development
  • Chapter 38 Globalisation
  • Chapter 39 International fi nancial institutions
  • Chapter 40 Guidelines for internal assessment project
  • Glossary
  • Index
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