CAPE® Revision Guide: Management of Business

CAPE® Revision Guide: Management of Business

By Kathleen Singh
US$ 17.99
Book Description

Collins CAPE Revision Guides focus on the content and skills students need to master for success in CAPE examinations.

They cover all aspects of the syllabus and provide excellent help with exam preparation.
Collins CAPE Revision Guide MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS is an essential exam prep title for all students sitting CAPE MOB.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Guidelines for revision
  • Key concepts in business management
  • Unit 1 Management principles and processes
    • Module 1 Business and its environment
      • Types of economic activity
      • Economic sectors and legal structures
      • Business objectives
      • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
      • Decision-making
      • Impact of globalisation on business
    • Module 2 The management of people
      • Functions and theories of management
      • Organisational structure
      • Motivation
      • Leadership
      • Group and team management
      • Causes of confl ict
      • Strategies to manage confl ict
      • Management of change
      • Communication in business
      • Human Resources management
    • Module 3 Business fi nance and accounting
      • The need for capital
      • Sources of fi nance
      • Criteria for seeking fi nance
      • Money and capital markets and international fi nancial institutions
      • The need for accounting information
      • Components of fi nancial statements
      • Financial statement analysis
      • Budgets and budgetary control
      • Investment appraisal
  • Unit 2 Applications in management
    • Module 1 Production and operations management
      • Nature of production
      • Forecasting techniques
      • Product design strategies
      • Capacity planning
      • Layout strategies
      • Costing
      • Inventory management
      • Lean production and quality management
      • Productivity
      • Project management
    • Module 2 Fundamentals of marketing
      • The concept of marketing
      • Implications of different marketing concepts
      • The marketing environment
      • Marketing research
      • Principles of market segmentation
      • Product management
      • Pricing decisions
      • Distribution management
      • Promotion strategy
      • Internet marketing
    • Module 3 Small business management
      • Nature and characteristics of entrepreneurship
      • Business and economic systems
      • Size and growth of business
      • Major challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses
      • Types and nature of assistance available to small fi rms
      • Preparation of a business plan for a small business
  • Answers for multiple choice questions
  • Index
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