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A Few Piano Techniques by Joy F. Fairclough
Joy Fairclough
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A Few Piano Techniques by Joy F. Fairclough
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In chapter one, a general overview was given of counting and its equal partitions of sound whilst one is playing on a keyboard.
Chapter two highlights how counting can be equally apportioned in smaller and larger portions of sound.
Playing techniques were beginning to be explored in chapter three. Dance movements of the fingers, wrists, hands, arms, knees, feet and any moving joint of the human body is to be practiced and imagined while playing the instrument.
In chapter four, we get a synopsis of pianoforte pedalling.
In chapter five, styles of use of arms and hands are further explored with rocking motions on a seat.
In chapter six, a list of memory aids and methods of memorization are stated.
Finally, life, and our bodies operate best with equal and opposite actions or reactions balancing out in the human body processes. It is called haemostasis. We are living in a balancing act!

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