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Phineas Finn
Anthony Trollope
Phineas Finn

A young Irishman attempts to establish himself as a member of Parliament while finding his way in high society.

I: Phineas Finn Proposes to Stand for Loughshane
II: Phineas Finn Is Elected for Loughshane
III: Phineas Finn Takes His Seat
IV: Lady Laura Standish
V: Mr. and Mrs. Low
VI: Lord Brentford’s Dinner
VII: Mr. and Mrs. Bunce
VIII: The News About Mr. Mildmay and Sir Everard
IX: The New Government
X: Violet Effingham
XI: Lord Chiltern
XII: Autumnal Prospects
XIII: Saulsby Wood
XIV: Loughlinter
XV: Donald Bean’s Pony
XVI: Phineas Finn Returns to Killaloe
XVII: Phineas Finn Returns to London
XVIII: Mr. Turnbull
XIX: Lord Chiltern Rides His Horse Bonebreaker
XX: The Debate on the Ballot
XXI: “Do Be Punctual”
XXII: Lady Baldock at Home
XXIII: Sunday in Grosvenor Place
XXIV: The Willingford Bull
XXV: Mr. Turnbull’s Carriage Stops the Way
XXVI: “The First Speech”
XXVII: Phineas Discussed
XXVIII: The Second Reading Is Carried
XXIX: A Cabinet Meeting
XXX: Mr. Kennedy’s Luck
XXXI: Finn for Loughton
XXXII: Lady Laura Kennedy’s Headache
XXXIII: Mr. Slide’s Grievance
XXXIV: Was He Honest?
XXXV: Mr. Monk Upon Reform
XXXVI: Phineas Finn Makes Progress
XXXVII: A Rough Encounter
XXXIX: Lady Laura Is Told
XL: Madame Max Goesler
XLI: Lord Fawn
XLII: Lady Baldock Does Not Send a Card to Phineas Finn
XLIII: Promotion
XLIV: Phineas and His Friends
XLV: Miss Effingham’s Four Lovers
XLVI: The Mousetrap
XLVII: Mr. Mildmay’s Bill
XLVIII: “The Duke”
XLIX: The Duellists Meet
L: Again Successful
LI: Troubles at Loughlinter
LII: The First Blow
LIII: Showing How Phineas Bore the Blow
LIV: Consolation
LV: Lord Chiltern at Saulsby
LVI: What the People in Marylebone Thought
LVII: The Top Brick of the Chimney
LVIII: Rara Avis in Terris
LIX: The Earl’s Wrath
LX: Madame Goesler’s Politics
LXI: Another Duel
LXII: The Letter That Was Sent to Brighton
LXIII: Showing How the Duke Stood His Ground
LXIV: The Horns
LXV: The Cabinet Minister at Killaloe
LXVI: Victrix
LXVII: Job’s Comforters
LXVIII: The Joint Attack
LXIX: The Temptress
LXX: The Prime Minister’s House
LXXI: Comparing Notes
LXXII: Madame Goesler’s Generosity
LXXIII: Amantium Iræ
LXXIV: The Beginning of the End
LXXVI: Conclusion
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