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Arif Jameel
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The title of the second digital book is Cricket World Cup 2019 "Umpiring Ki Nazar Ya Politik Ki?"
The foreword of my book has been written by the renowned international cricketer from Pakistan, Abdul Qadir Sahib.

The One Day International Cricket World Cup of 2019 was a subject of extensive discussion, mainly due to several controversial issues. These issues encompassed various incidents, such as India's wicket-keeper Dhoni wearing gloves adorned with the Indian Army logo, contentious umpiring decisions against the West Indies, the intrusion of an aircraft during the Pakistan-Afghanistan match, the display of an anti-Pakistan banner above the stadium, altercations between Afghan and Pakistani fans following Afghanistan's defeat, and the ICC's apparent lack of a clear policy on these matters. Additionally, the disappointment of Pakistan narrowly missing out on the semi-finals by a single step was also a significant talking point.

The book also delves into England's triumph in the final and New Zealand's heartrending loss, both of which were influenced by umpiring decisions.

Within these pages, you will find a concise account of the 48 matches that took place during the 2019 Cricket World Cup, along with coverage of pivotal events and news. Furthermore, the book offers in-depth analysis, particularly concerning Pakistan's matches, serving as a valuable reference for international and domestic cricket enthusiasts, as well as a guide for future cricket-related matters.

Abdul Qadir, the legendary cricketer, sets the stage for an immersive cricketing adventure in this book's foreword . With his unique perspective, he unveils a tale that unfolds over 45 days, capturing the essence of the sport.

Dr. Rais Samdani has contributed a special essay to this book, wherein he reminisces about his youthful association with cricket and delves into the lives of some of Pakistan's renowned test cricketers from the past. A prolific writer with a history of scattering pearls of information on topics such as politics and history, Dr. Samdani has fearlessly ventured into presenting a wealth of information on cricket in a distinctive manner. The essay also applauds the comprehensive depiction of the Cricket World Cup event in this e-book.
By Amel Aamer

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