Social Media in Southeast Italy
Razvan Nicolescu
Politics & Social Sciences
Social Media in Southeast Italy

Why is social media in southeast Italy so predictable when it is used by such a range of different people? This book describes the impact of social media on the population of a town in the southern region of Puglia, Italy. Razvan Nicolescu spent 15 months living among the town’s residents, exploring what it means to be an individual on social media. Why do people from this region conformon platforms that are designed for personal expression?

Nicolescu argues that social media use in this region of the world is related to how people want to portray themselves.He pays special attention to the ability of users to craft their appearance in relation to collective ideals,values and social positions, and howthis feature of social media has, for the residents of the town, become a moral obligation: they are expected to be willing to adapt their appearance to suit their differentaudiences at the same time, which is crucial in a town where religion and family are at the heart of daily lif

Half Title
Introduction to the series Why We Post
List of figures
1 Introduction: Grano, an average place in southeast Italy
The setting
The rhythms of Grano
Social and economic background
The current life of Grano
Family life and relationships
Media ecology in Grano
Why Grano?
2 The social media landscape
The youngest people on social media
The world of adults
Constants and variations in social media use
The rhythms of social media
Refusing Facebook
Good and bad Facebook
From Grano to Italian society in general
The ages of social media
3 Visual postings: looking for ‘the good’
Sharing the meme
The majesty of nature
Personal photos
Single and group photos
Cute pets and delicious food
Looking for something special
Political postings
4 Social media and social relationships: setting layers of intimacy
The normative relationship
What is privacy?
Unfit until married
Love through messages
The single mother
Setting layers of intimacy
Looking to display the right social position
5 The imposition of beauty
Where do all these ideas come from?
Physical beauty live
Style and mass consumption
The everyday beauty of married women
What of all this actually goes on social media?
What about men’s beauty?
Inner beauty –​ eloquent speech
Absolute beauty –​ landscape
The ideal of beauty
Crafting beauty
6 The wider world: ideals of work and ideals of education
What kind of work is shown on Facebook?
Local businesses, or why social media turn entrepreneurs into teenagers
Liberal work needs online presence
Subtle reflection of work on Facebook
The ideal of education and inequality
Separate educational paths
Social inequality online
The relative success of the highly educated
Do work and education look in the same direction?
The role of social media
7 Conclusion
How individualistic is social media?
How do we know if a revolution is going on?
Cohesion through social differentiation
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