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Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases
Sherma Roberts, Mechelle Best, Acolla Cameron
Education & Teaching
Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases
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The Tourism industry is seen as the linchpin that holds the majority of the economies of the Caribbean together. In Contemporary Caribbean Tourism, authors Roberts, Best and Cameron, provide a comprehensive, contemporary resource for students and practitioners alike.

Spanning the breadth of issues from accommodation and transportation; environmental and economic impacts; Cultural, Sport, Health and Wellness, and Adventure Tourism; to disaster management and preparedness, this book discusses all of the elements essential to the long-term development and sustainability of the region’s most valuable source of income. Cutting across the Dutch, English, Spanish and French Caribbean, the history and issues of tourism in the Caribbean are presented in a cohesive and easy to grasp manner, with practical examples, case studies and references from all aspects of the business of tourism.

Structured to provide an understanding and analysis of the importance of tourism to the Caribbean, Contemporary Caribbean Tourism stands as a foundational text addressing all of the contemporary realities of Caribbean tourism. The book is divided into five key sections with chapters which each feature learning outcomes, summaries and key terms as well as discussion questions and exercises. Copiously illustrated with tables, figures, images and cases, each chapter is rounded out with references for further reading.

Preliminary pages
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Cases
Caribbean Countries and Territories Factoids
Foreword by Hugh Riley
Foreword by Lee Jolliffe
Section One: Definitions, Concepts, History
1 Tourism Definitions and Concepts
2 The Emergence of Caribbean Tourism
Section Two: The Tourism Supply Sectors
3 The Role of Government
4 Visitor Attractions
5 The Accommodation Sector
6 The Transport Sector
7 Tourism Intermediaries
8 Food and Beverage
Section Three: Impacts of Tourism
9 Economic Impacts
10 Sociocultural Impacts
11 Environmental Impacts
12 Sustainable Tourism
Section Four: Niche Tourism
13 Sport Tourism
14 Health and Wellness Tourism
15 Cultural Heritage Tourism
16 Adventure Tourism
17 Nature-based Tourism and Ecotourism
18 Agritourism
Section Five: Critical Issues in Tourism
19 Tourism Entrepreneurship
20 Customer Service and Service Quality
21 Tourism Marketing
22 Risk and Disaster Management
23 Information and Communication Technologies in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Section Six: Conclusion - Whither Caribbean Tourism?
24 The Future of Tourism
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