University of Technology, Jamaica Press
The Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism-E-Book
Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh (Editor)
The Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism-E-Book
US$ 15.00
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Focussing on the Caribbean and its natural tropical paradise of beaches, sun, flora, fauna, and rich cultural heritage, this book provides relevant and current information about the business and management of tourism in the region. Trends that are facilitating the growth and development of the tourism industry and critical challenges that threaten its sustainability as well as strategies for a re-imagined future for Caribbean tourism are discussed based on original scholarship. This book is a valuable text for tertiary level students pursuing studies in general business and management, hospitality and tourism management, international business, and international relations. The Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism: Opportunities, Challenges and a Re-Imagined Future is also beneficial to other tourism stakeholders including residents, business operators, practitioners, destination managers, policy makers in government, and tourism organizations.

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