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Beyond My Wildest Dreams
Gloria E. Salmon
Biographies & Memoirs
Beyond My Wildest Dreams
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Beyond My Wildest Dreams is Gloria Salmon’s story of a life of fulfilment in service to family, community and country, but above all to her chosen vocation, that of a librarian with the Jamaica Library Service (JLS).
In tracing her growing up days in Petersfield, Westmoreland, her family life and schooling at the renowned Manning’s School in the parish, Gloria evokes memories of an idyllic rural lifestyle in pre-independent Jamaica, much of which has long since disappeared. However, it is her transition to Kingston and subsequent 46 years in the Jamaica Library Service that is the core of a story which is not just about her, but one that tells of the growth and development of the JLS and the group of professional and dedicated female colleagues who over the years, led and managed the JLS to become one of Jamaica’s most impactful public institutions. 
Gloria’s career in the JLS that saw her rise through the ranks from junior assistant to its highest position as Director General was not confined to that institution. In between, she not only raised a family of four children but represented Jamaica and the JLS on Boards and at conferences of numerous international bodies related to librarianship and adult education. Locally, her alma mater, Manning’s School and the St Boniface Anglican Church in Harbour View, St Andrew were among the beneficiaries of her indefatigable volunteerism, even as she privately pursued her lifetime passion of cake baking and decoration.
Completed as she approaches her 90th birthday, Gloria Salmon’s wildest dream of all, is now fulfilled in the publication of these memoirs.

1. Growing Up in Westmoreland
2. Time For School
3. Entering the World of Work
4. Moving Into Management
5. Continued Growth
6. International Conferences
7. My Volunteer Work
8. Working With My Sisters and Brothers in Christ
9. My Family Life
10. The Last Word
About the Author
Appendix 1: The Birth of the Jamaica Library Service
Appendix 2 : Leaders of The Jamaica Library Service from 1957
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