State of Mind : Politics, Uncertainty and the Search for the Jamaican Dream

State of Mind : Politics, Uncertainty and the Search for the Jamaican Dream

By Chris Tufton
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Book Description

An honest, unflinching look at Jamaican politics, Chris Tufton’s grounded, accessible account of his first-hand experience in competitive party politics and in democratic governance offers a view of Jamaican politics that is rarely seen. From his political formation in high school, to his joining Young Jamaica at UWI, Mona, Tufton shares a detailed account of his involvement with the National Democratic Movement, his return to the Jamaica Labour Party and his subsequent successful run for a seat in parliament in 2007. The nuanced, reflective account of his time in office as a cabinet minister, alongside his role as a deputy leader of the JLP, gives an insider perspective on the challenges of leadership. The devastating loss of his seat by 13 votes in the 2011 elections, and the ensuing volatility of his political career, including near exile from the JLP, up until his unlikely comeback in 2016, are recounted with humility and self-awareness.In situating his own journey in the broader context of Jamaican political culture, State of Mind offers a realistic view of the weaknesses in Jamaica’s democracy, and the factors that keep Jamaica from moving forward as it ought to. Throughout his telling of the details and dynamics of the nitty-gritty of Jamaican politics, Tufton candidly shares aspects of his own life, as he grapples with the role of the church, race and colour, gender, and other controversial issues, and brings to these topics an original perspective that is likely to stir lively debate.

Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Why This Book
  • Prologue
  • 1. A Jamaican Story
  • 2. Ole’ Time Religion
  • 3. No Child Prodigy
  • 4. Political Awakening
  • 5. Night Shift
  • 6. Micey at Mona
  • 7. Maximize Management
  • 8. World of Work
  • 9. Mentors and Masters
  • 10. At the Lecturer’s Podium
  • 11. NDM
  • 12. By-election
  • 13. England
  • 14. Brain Drain
  • 15. Prodigal Son
  • 16. G2K
  • 17. Brown Man Curse
  • 18. Golding
  • 19. Senate, Round One
  • 20. St Elizabeth South West
  • 21. MP
  • 22. Locked in the Cabinet
  • 23. Cassava Man
  • 24. Bitter Sugar
  • 25. Ruby
  • 26. Deputy Leader
  • 27. Reshuffle
  • 28. Resignation
  • 29. Prime Minister Holness
  • 30. Thirteen Votes
  • 31. Agony and Defeat
  • 32. Father
  • 33. Leadership Challenge
  • 34. Saying Goodbye
  • 35. Rapprochement
  • 36. St Catherine West Central
  • 37. Election 2016
  • 38. For Now…
  • Postscript: January 2019
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