The Island of Gold A Sailor's Yarn
Gordon Stables
The Island of Gold A Sailor's Yarn
Gordon Stables
"The Island of Gold"
"A Sailor's Yarn"
Book One—Chapter One.
Two Mitherless Bairns.
Book One—Chapter Two.
Life in the Woods.
Book One—Chapter Three.
“O Eedie, I’ve Found a Child.”
Book One—Chapter Four.
“Ransey, Fetch Jim; We’re Goin’ On.”
Book One—Chapter Five.
“Oh, No! I’ll Never Leave ’Ansey till we is Bof Deaded.”
Book One—Chapter Six.
Chee-Tow, the Red Chief of the Slit-Nosed Indians.
Book One—Chapter Seven.
On Silent Highways.
Book One—Chapter Eight.
“Poor Mary! She has Gone On.”
Book Two—Chapter One.
“Just Three Years Since Ransey Went to Sea.”
Book Two—Chapter Two.
“Ship-Shape and Seaman-Fashion.”
Book Two—Chapter Three.
A Quarterdeck Dream.
Book Two—Chapter Four.
“Dear, Unselfish, but Somewhat Silly Fellow.”
Book Two—Chapter Five.
“Till the Sea Gives up its Dead.”
Book Two—Chapter Six.
“O my Friend, my Brother,” I Cry.
Book Two—Chapter Seven.
“I Think You’re Going on a Wild-Goose Chase.”
Book Two—Chapter Eight.
At Sea—Mermaids and Mermen.
Book Two—Chapter Nine.
Wonderful Adventures of the Dancing Crane.
Book Two—Chapter Ten.
A Brush with the Somalis—the Derelict.
Book Two—Chapter Eleven.
Mutiny on Board—Far to the South’ard.
Book Three—Chapter One.
“A Sight I shall Remember till my Dying Day.”
Book Three—Chapter Two.
“I See a Beach of Coral Sand, Dark Figures Moving to and fro.”
Book Three—Chapter Three.
“We Shall Always be Brothers Now—Always, Always.”
Book Three—Chapter Four.
Prisoner among Savages—Shipwreck.
Book Three—Chapter Five.
Fortifying the Encampment.
Book Three—Chapter Six.
An Awful Secret of the Sea.
Book Three—Chapter Seven.
Strange Adventures in a Crystalline Cave.
Book Three—Chapter Eight.
Entombed Alive.
Book Three—Chapter Nine.
“On Swept the War-Canoes towards the Coral Beach.”
Book Three—Chapter Ten.
“An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth.”
Book Three—Chapter Eleven.
Death of James.
Book Three—Chapter Twelve.
Leaves from First Mate Tandy’s Log.
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