Shireen and her Friends Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat
Gordon Stables
Shireen and her Friends Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat
Gordon Stables
"Shireen and her Friends"
"Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat"
Dedicated to the Reviewer.
Swinburne and the Cat.
Chapter One.
“You’re the New Dog, aren’t you?”
Chapter Two.
Old Friends Around the Fire.
Chapter Three.
“Oh! Kill me Quick and put me out of Pain.”
Chapter Four.
“You Must have a Name, My Lovely Flower.”
Chapter Five.
Chosroës and his Queen Shireen.
Chapter Six.
“Na, Lass,” said Cracker, “I’ll No Drink the Little ’un’s Milk.”
Chapter Seven.
Beebee’s Fate is Sealed.
Chapter Eight.
Life in a Turret High.—Strange Adventure in the Forest.
Chapter Nine.
The Adventure in the Forest.
Chapter Ten.
We Sailed Away to the South.
Chapter Eleven.
Ship’s Cat on Board the “Venom.”
Chapter Twelve.
Old Shipmates.
Chapter Thirteen.
“Away, Lifeboat’s Crew!”
Chapter Fourteen.
Zulina: a Homeless Waif and Stray.
Chapter Fifteen.
“When the Fur begins to Fly.”
Chapter Sixteen.
The Fight was Hand to Hand and Horrible!
Chapter Seventeen.
And Chammy never came again.
Chapter Eighteen.
Shireen’s Birthday.—Stamboul’s Life and Career.
Stamboul’s Life and Career.
Chapter Nineteen.
In a Cat-Dealer’s Den.
Chapter Twenty.
Hand Met Hand in a Hearty Shake.
Chapter Twenty One.
“Have Heart and Hope, my Friend.”
Chapter Twenty Two.
“Go Home, my Friends, it is All Over.”
Chapter Twenty Three.
En Voyage for Bagdad.
Chapter Twenty Four.
“Remember, it is for Freedom, and for Life itself.”
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