Shireen and her Friends Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat

Shireen and her Friends Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat

By Gordon Stables
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Gordon Stables
  • "Shireen and her Friends"
  • "Pages from the Life of a Persian Cat"
    • Preface.
      • Dedicated to the Reviewer.
    • Dedication.
      • Swinburne and the Cat.
    • Chapter One.
      • “You’re the New Dog, aren’t you?”
    • Chapter Two.
      • Old Friends Around the Fire.
    • Chapter Three.
      • “Oh! Kill me Quick and put me out of Pain.”
    • Chapter Four.
      • “You Must have a Name, My Lovely Flower.”
    • Chapter Five.
      • Chosroës and his Queen Shireen.
    • Chapter Six.
      • “Na, Lass,” said Cracker, “I’ll No Drink the Little ’un’s Milk.”
    • Chapter Seven.
      • Beebee’s Fate is Sealed.
    • Chapter Eight.
      • Life in a Turret High.—Strange Adventure in the Forest.
    • Chapter Nine.
      • The Adventure in the Forest.
    • Chapter Ten.
      • We Sailed Away to the South.
    • Chapter Eleven.
      • Ship’s Cat on Board the “Venom.”
    • Chapter Twelve.
      • Old Shipmates.
    • Chapter Thirteen.
      • “Away, Lifeboat’s Crew!”
    • Chapter Fourteen.
      • Zulina: a Homeless Waif and Stray.
    • Chapter Fifteen.
      • “When the Fur begins to Fly.”
    • Chapter Sixteen.
      • The Fight was Hand to Hand and Horrible!
    • Chapter Seventeen.
      • And Chammy never came again.
    • Chapter Eighteen.
      • Shireen’s Birthday.—Stamboul’s Life and Career.
      • Stamboul’s Life and Career.
    • Chapter Nineteen.
      • In a Cat-Dealer’s Den.
    • Chapter Twenty.
      • Hand Met Hand in a Hearty Shake.
    • Chapter Twenty One.
      • “Have Heart and Hope, my Friend.”
    • Chapter Twenty Two.
      • “Go Home, my Friends, it is All Over.”
    • Chapter Twenty Three.
      • En Voyage for Bagdad.
    • Chapter Twenty Four.
      • “Remember, it is for Freedom, and for Life itself.”
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