Wild Life in the Land of the Giants A Tale of Two Brothers

Wild Life in the Land of the Giants A Tale of Two Brothers

By Gordon Stables
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Gordon Stables
  • "Wild Life in the Land of the Giants"
  • "A Tale of two Brothers"
    • Chapter One.
      • Book I—Our Home by the Sea.
      • The Old Home by the Sea—Aunt Serapheema.
    • Chapter Two.
      • While Walking on the Sea-Beach.
    • Chapter Three.
      • The Story of a Shipwreck—A Mystery—The Fate of Poor Joe.
    • Chapter Four.
      • The Sound of War—First Sorrows—A Change in our Lives.
    • Chapter Five.
      • The Gallant “Thunderbolt”—Tom Morley, Bo’s’n’s Mate—A Strange Dream.
    • Chapter Six.
      • An Appalling Adventure—“We must Prepare for Instant Flight.”
    • Chapter Seven.
      • Alone on the Moor—Adventure in the Cave.
    • Chapter Eight.
      • Good Advice from a Strange Quarter—Midnight and Anxiety.
    • Chapter Nine.
      • A Midnight Drive—Arrival at Bristol—The Good Ship “Salamander”—How Tom Morley Died.
    • Chapter Ten.
      • Book II—Patagonia and the Land of Fire.
      • A Strange Introduction—Saint Helena and Fun on Shore—Cape Town.
    • Chapter Eleven.
      • Life at Sea—Poor Father’s Death—Mattie and I.
    • Chapter Twelve.
      • “Come to me, Jack, I cannot come to you.”
    • Chapter Thirteen.
      • The Straits of Magellan—Firelanders—The Storm—The Ship Strikes.
    • Chapter Fourteen.
      • We Leave the Doomed Ship—Pursued by Savages.
    • Chapter Fifteen.
      • Lost in the Snowstorm—What we Saw in the Forest.
    • Chapter Sixteen.
      • A State of Siege.
    • Chapter Seventeen.
      • Fighting in Terrible Earnest—Our Last Sortie—Back to Back in Cornish Fashion.
    • Chapter Eighteen.
      • The Story of our Rescue—A Dinner and a Ball—Peter and Dulzura.
    • Chapter Nineteen.
      • Book III—The Land of Giants.
      • All Alone on the Pampas—The Camp in the Cañon.
    • Chapter Twenty.
      • A Wild Ride—Cooking an Ostrich Whole—Quiet Evenings round the Camp Fire.
    • Chapter Twenty One.
      • The “Murder Tree”—Wild and Exciting Sport—Jill and the Puma—Hostile Indians.
    • Chapter Twenty Two.
      • A Blinding Summer-Snowstorm—Peter as a Horseman—Peter in a Fix.
    • Chapter Twenty Three.
      • “Our Horses Stampeded”—“Poor Benighted Heathens!”—Jill’s Little Joke—Telling Jeeka the Story of the world—Adventure in the Haunted Wood.
    • Chapter Twenty Four.
      • A Journey to the Country of the Gualichu—The Earthquake—a wondrous sight—“I will pray to the Great Good Spirit.”
    • Chapter Twenty Five.
      • King Kaiso’s Land—A Regiment of Giants—Kaiso’s Witch—Condemned to Death.
    • Chapter Twenty Six.
      • Castizo’s Idyllic Home in the Cordilleras—Preparing for winter—catching and Breaking Wild Horses.
    • Chapter Twenty Seven.
      • The Snow-Wind—Winter Life and Amusement—Death of “De Little Coqueet.”
    • Chapter Twenty Eight.
      • The Dreaded River-Lion—Adventure on the Plains—Lost in a Snowstorm—“To Sleep were Death.”
    • Chapter Twenty Nine.
      • The Fight ’twixt Winter and Spring—A Never-to-be-Forgotten Evening—Attacked by Northern indians—The Fire.
    • Chapter Thirty.
      • “It is better thus.”
    • Chapter Thirty One.
      • On the Good Yacht “Magdalena”—“The very Seas used to sing to us”—The Home-Coming—The End.
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