Wild Life in the Land of the Giants A Tale of Two Brothers
Gordon Stables
Wild Life in the Land of the Giants A Tale of Two Brothers
Gordon Stables
"Wild Life in the Land of the Giants"
"A Tale of two Brothers"
Chapter One.
Book I—Our Home by the Sea.
The Old Home by the Sea—Aunt Serapheema.
Chapter Two.
While Walking on the Sea-Beach.
Chapter Three.
The Story of a Shipwreck—A Mystery—The Fate of Poor Joe.
Chapter Four.
The Sound of War—First Sorrows—A Change in our Lives.
Chapter Five.
The Gallant “Thunderbolt”—Tom Morley, Bo’s’n’s Mate—A Strange Dream.
Chapter Six.
An Appalling Adventure—“We must Prepare for Instant Flight.”
Chapter Seven.
Alone on the Moor—Adventure in the Cave.
Chapter Eight.
Good Advice from a Strange Quarter—Midnight and Anxiety.
Chapter Nine.
A Midnight Drive—Arrival at Bristol—The Good Ship “Salamander”—How Tom Morley Died.
Chapter Ten.
Book II—Patagonia and the Land of Fire.
A Strange Introduction—Saint Helena and Fun on Shore—Cape Town.
Chapter Eleven.
Life at Sea—Poor Father’s Death—Mattie and I.
Chapter Twelve.
“Come to me, Jack, I cannot come to you.”
Chapter Thirteen.
The Straits of Magellan—Firelanders—The Storm—The Ship Strikes.
Chapter Fourteen.
We Leave the Doomed Ship—Pursued by Savages.
Chapter Fifteen.
Lost in the Snowstorm—What we Saw in the Forest.
Chapter Sixteen.
A State of Siege.
Chapter Seventeen.
Fighting in Terrible Earnest—Our Last Sortie—Back to Back in Cornish Fashion.
Chapter Eighteen.
The Story of our Rescue—A Dinner and a Ball—Peter and Dulzura.
Chapter Nineteen.
Book III—The Land of Giants.
All Alone on the Pampas—The Camp in the Cañon.
Chapter Twenty.
A Wild Ride—Cooking an Ostrich Whole—Quiet Evenings round the Camp Fire.
Chapter Twenty One.
The “Murder Tree”—Wild and Exciting Sport—Jill and the Puma—Hostile Indians.
Chapter Twenty Two.
A Blinding Summer-Snowstorm—Peter as a Horseman—Peter in a Fix.
Chapter Twenty Three.
“Our Horses Stampeded”—“Poor Benighted Heathens!”—Jill’s Little Joke—Telling Jeeka the Story of the world—Adventure in the Haunted Wood.
Chapter Twenty Four.
A Journey to the Country of the Gualichu—The Earthquake—a wondrous sight—“I will pray to the Great Good Spirit.”
Chapter Twenty Five.
King Kaiso’s Land—A Regiment of Giants—Kaiso’s Witch—Condemned to Death.
Chapter Twenty Six.
Castizo’s Idyllic Home in the Cordilleras—Preparing for winter—catching and Breaking Wild Horses.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
The Snow-Wind—Winter Life and Amusement—Death of “De Little Coqueet.”
Chapter Twenty Eight.
The Dreaded River-Lion—Adventure on the Plains—Lost in a Snowstorm—“To Sleep were Death.”
Chapter Twenty Nine.
The Fight ’twixt Winter and Spring—A Never-to-be-Forgotten Evening—Attacked by Northern indians—The Fire.
Chapter Thirty.
“It is better thus.”
Chapter Thirty One.
On the Good Yacht “Magdalena”—“The very Seas used to sing to us”—The Home-Coming—The End.
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