Medical Life in the Navy

Medical Life in the Navy

By Gordon Stables
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Gordon Stables
  • "Medical Life in the Navy"
    • Chapter One.
    • Chapter Two.
      • Doubts and Fears. My First Night in Cockneydom.
    • Chapter Three.
      • A Feline Adventure. Passed—Hooray! Conversation of (not with) Two Israelitish Parties.
    • Chapter Four.
      • The City of Enchantment. In Joining the Service! Find Out what a “Gig” Means.
    • Chapter Five.
      • Haslar Hospital. The Medical Mess. Dr Gruff.
    • Chapter Six.
      • Afloat. A Storm in Biscay Bay. A Word on Bass’s Beer.
    • Chapter Seven.
      • The Modern Roderick Random. Half a Servant. A Pretty Picture.
    • Chapter Eight.
      • A Good Dinner. Enemy on the Port Bow. Man the Life-Boat.
    • Chapter Nine.
      • Containing—If not the Whole—Nothing but the Truth.
    • Chapter Ten.
      • Round the Cape and up the ’Bique. Slaver-Hunting.
    • Chapter Eleven.
      • An Unlucky Ship. The Days when we went Gipsying. Inambane. Quilp the pilot and Lamoo.
    • Chapter Twelve.
      • Pros and Cons.
    • Chapter Thirteen.
      • Odds and Ends.
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