From Squire to Squatter A Tale of the Old Land and the New
Gordon Stables
From Squire to Squatter A Tale of the Old Land and the New
Gordon Stables
"From Squire to Squatter"
"A Tale of the Old Land and the New"
Chapter One.
Book I—At Burley Old Farm.
“Ten to-morrow, Archie.”
Chapter Two.
A Chip of the Old Block.
Chapter Three.
A Day of Adventure.
Chapter Four.
In the Old Castle Tower.
Chapter Five.
“Boys will be Boys.”
Chapter Six.
“Johnnie’s got the Grit in him.”
Chapter Seven.
“They’re up to some Black Work To-night.”
Chapter Eight.
The Widow’s Lonely Hut.
Chapter Nine.
The Whole Yard was Ablaze and Burning Fiercely.
Chapter Ten.
“After all, it doesn’t take much to make a Man Happy.”
Chapter Eleven.
Book II—At the Golden Gates.
“Spoken Like His Father’s Son.”
Chapter Twelve.
“Keep on Your Cap. I was once a Poor Man Myself.”
Chapter Thirteen.
“Something in Soap.”
Chapter Fourteen.
The King may come in the Cadger’s Way.
Chapter Fifteen.
Bob’s Story: Wild Life at the Diggings.
Chapter Sixteen.
A Miner’s Marriage.
Chapter Seventeen.
Mr Winslow in a Different Light.
Chapter Eighteen.
Book III—In the Wild Interior.
“In This New Land of Ours.”
Chapter Nineteen.
Burley New Farm.
Chapter Twenty.
Runaway Stock—Bivouac in the Bush-Night Scene.
Chapter Twenty One.
A Wild Adventure—Archie’s Pride Receives a Fall.
Chapter Twenty Two.
Round the Log Fire—Hurricane Bill and the Tiger-Snake—Gentleman Craig’s Resolve.
Chapter Twenty Three.
At Findlayson’s Farm—The Great Kangaroo Hunt—A Dinner and Concert.
Chapter Twenty Four.
A New Arrival.
Chapter Twenty Five.
The Stream of Life Flows Quietly on.
Chapter Twenty Six.
“I’ll Write a Letter Home.”
Chapter Twenty Seven.
Rumours of War.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
The Massacre at Findlayson’s Farm.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
On The War Trail.
Chapter Thirty.
Chest to Chest with Savages—How it all Ended.
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