The Cruise of the Snowbird A Story of Arctic Adventure
Gordon Stables
The Cruise of the Snowbird A Story of Arctic Adventure
Gordon Stables
"The Cruise of the Snowbird"
"A Story of Arctic Adventure"
Chapter One.
The Young Chief of Arrandoon—The Rising Storm—Lost in the Snow.
Chapter Two.
Saved—Rory and Ralph—McBain has an Idea.
Chapter Three.
Life at the Old Castle—McBain Explains his “Idea”—Allan’s Dream.
Chapter Four.
The “Flower of Arrandoon”—Old Ap’s Cottage—Trial Trips and Useful Lessons.
Chapter Five.
Showing how Royalty Visited Arrandoon, and how our Heroes Returned the Call.
Chapter Six.
Cruising round the Hebrides—Caught in a “Puff”—Man Overboard—Dinner on the Cliff—Bright Prospects.
Chapter Seven.
A Summer’s Day at Sea—Strange Scenery—The Squall—Adventure among Bottle-Nosed Whales—The “Snowbird.”
Chapter Eight.
Rolling Home—A Rough Passage—The Welcome Back—The Way a Sailor Sleeps.
Chapter Nine.
The “Snowbird” at Anchor—Preparations for Departure—Farewell to the Land of the Rock and the Wild Wood.
Chapter Ten.
Onshore in Shetland—A Family of Guides—A Wild Ride and a Primitive Lunch—Westward Ho!—Racing a Whale.
Chapter Eleven.
The Storm—A Fearful Night—The Pirates—A Fight at Sea.
Chapter Twelve.
Containing a Strange, Strange Story, Told by the Snuggery Fire.
Chapter Thirteen.
Was it an Old Man’s Dream?—Sunday on Mid-Ocean—Land Ho!—A Strange Adventure—Lost in the Great Forest.
Chapter Fourteen.
Oscar Finds the Truants—Breakfast for Seven—Seth Spins a Yarn—The Walrus-Hunters—The Indians—Beautiful Scenery—A Week’s Good Sport.
Chapter Fifteen.
The Old Trapper Buries his Valuables—The “Snowbird” Goes on her Voyage—Ice—A Whale in Sight—A Fall! A Fall!—In at the Death—The “Trefoil” on Fire.
Chapter Sixteen.
Old Seth Becomes Surgeon—A Terrible Danger—Ralph Floods the Magazine—Fighting the Fire—Wreck of the “Trefoil”—Buried at Sea—“Land Ho!”
Chapter Seventeen.
On Shore for a Run—Noontide on the Seashore—A Natural Harbour—The Land of Adventure and Sport—After the Antelope—Face to Face with a Grizzly.
Chapter Eighteen.
Rory Poet, Dreamer, and Merchant-Minstrel—Who Says Shore?—All among the Buffalo—“A Big Shoot”—Preparations for Winter.
Chapter Nineteen.
Winter Comes Apace—New Visitors from the North—A “Perwision o’ Natur’”—A Mad but Merry Scene—The Downfall of Snow-Stars—An Adventure, but where will it End?
Chapter Twenty.
Alone in the Beast-Haunted Wilderness—The Search Party—Agony of Thought—A Midnight Visitor—The Forest on Fire.
Chapter Twenty One.
Narrow Escape—A Terrible Scene—Allan and Oscar—A Gloomy Evening—Reunion—Seth’s Adventure—A Welcome Back.
Chapter Twenty Two.
Frost and no Skates!—Rory Disconsolate—McBain to the Rescue—A Roaring Day and a Merry Night—A Mysterious Pool.
Chapter Twenty Three.
The Great Black Frost—Funny Jack Frost—The Cold Half-Hour—A Terrible Apparition under the Ice—Blowing Soap-Bubbles—Strange Effect—Snow and Snow-Shoes.
Chapter Twenty Four.
The Dogs and the Snow—The Sledge-Dog—Training Caribou—A Dinner-Party Interrupted—The Race for Life.
Chapter Twenty Five.
The Dead Leviathan—The Mate of the “Trefoil” Makes a Proposal—A Rich Harvest—Christmas Cheer—Something like a Dinner.
Chapter Twenty Six.
Hockey with Snow-Shoes on—The Ice Breaks up—Change of Quarters—Going on a Big Shoot—The Great Snow Lake—Indians—The Fight in the Forest.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
The Search for an Antidote—Can Rory be Dead?—Seth to the Rescue—Seth as Doctor and Nurse.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
One Last Day on Shore—Bearing up for the East and North—Farewell, Old Seth; Farewell, Plunket.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
The Consultation—Bearing up for Home—The Wanderers’ Return.
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