A Book of Fruits and Flowers

A Book of Fruits and Flowers

By Anonymous
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Table of Contents
  • A
  • BOOK
    • OF
  • Fruits & Flowers
      • The Nature and Use of them, either
      • for Meat or Medicine.
      • AS ALSO:
    • Of Lemmons.
      • A Lemmon Sallet.
      • To Preserve Oranges or Lemmons.
      • To make Past of Lemmons.
      • Sweet Bagges to lay amongst Linnen.
    • Medicines made of Lemmons.
      • To take away the Spots, or red Pimpels of the face.
      • A very good Medicine for the Stone.
      • To roste a Shoulder of Mutton with Lemmons.
      • To Boyle A Capon with Oranges and Lemmons.
      • A Lemmond Sallet.
    • Of Quinces.
      • The best way to Preserve Quinces.
      • A speciall Remembrance in doing them.
      • To Pickle Quinces.
      • To make Quince Cakes.
      • To make Printed Quidony of Quinces.
    • Of Roses.
      • To make sweet Bagges to lay Linnen in.
      • A very good Poultis for any Member swell'd and inflamed, and not broken, to take away the paine.
      • To make a sweet Cake, and with it a very sweet water.
      • Oyle of Roses.
      • Syrupe of Roses.
      • A Conserve of Roses.
      • To Preserve Roses or any other Flowers.
      • How to Preserve Barbaries.
      • To keep Barbaries to garnish your Meat.
      • Conserve of Barbaries.
    • Of Almonds.
      • To make Almond Biscate.
      • To make Almond Milke.
      • An approved Medicine for the running of the Reines.
      • Oyle of Almonds.
      • A Barley Cream to procure sleep, or Almond Milke.
      • An Oyntment to kill the Worms in little Children.
      • To make the best white Puddings.
      • An Almond Candle.
      • To make fine white Leach of Almonds.
      • To make Almond Butter.
      • To make Almond Cakes.
      • To make Paste of Almonds.
      • To make a Marchpine.
      • To make White-Broth with Almonds.
    • Of Straw-Berries.
      • A Tart of Straw-Berries.
    • Of Hartichoakes.
      • How to make a Hartichoake Pye.
      • To keep Hartichoakes for all the yeare.
      • To Preserve Hartichoakes.
      • To make a maid dish of Hartechoakes.
    • An Excellent Medicine or Salve for an Ache coming of cold, easie to be made by any Countrey Housewife.
      • To cake the Ague out of any place.
      • For the Ague in Children, or Women with Child.
      • To strengthen the Back weak or diseased.
      • For a Paine or Ache in the Back.
      • For a suddain Bleeding at the Nose.
      • A Medicine for Burning or Scalding.
      • For the Canker in Womens Breasts.
      • For the Canker in the Mouth.
      • To make a Tooth fall out of it selfe.
      • To take away the cause of the paine in the Teeth.
      • For A Consumption.
      • An excellent Medicine for the Cough of the Lungs.
    • Of Violets.
      • The use of Oyle of Violets.
      • The Syrupe of Violets.
      • The use of Conserve of Violets and Cowslips.
      • To make Paste of Violets, or any kind of Flowers.
      • Powder of Violets.
      • A good Plaister for the Strangury.
      • A Medicine for sore blood-shotten and Rhuematick eyes.
      • A Glister to open and loosen the Body being bound, which may safely be administred to any man or woman.
      • To cleanse the head, and take the Ache away.
      • A Medicine that hath healed old Sores upon the leggs, that have run so long that the bones have been seen.
      • An Oyntment for a Rupture.
      • A Barley Water to purge the Lungs and lights of all Diseases.
      • To Cure the Diseases of the Mother.
      • To kill Warts: an approved Medicine.
      • For the Piles.
      • A Medicine for the Piles.
      • A Diet for the Patient that hath Ulcers or Wounds that will hardly be Cured with Oyntments, Salves, or Plaisters.
    • Of Cowslips.
      • Oyle of Cowslips.
      • The use of the Oyle of Wormwood, and Oyle of Mint.
      • Syrupe of Cowslips.
      • To keep Cowslips for Salates.
      • To Conserve Cowslips.
      • To Preserve all kinde of Flowers in the Spanish Candy in Wedges.
      • A Medicine to break and heale sore breasts of Women, used by Mid-wives, and other skillfull Women in London.
      • A Medicine that hath recovered some from the Dropsie whome the Physitian hath given over.
      • An especiall Medicine for all manner of Poyson.
      • Doctor Lewin's Unguentum Rosatum, good for the heat in the Back.
    • Of Beanes.
      • To defend Humours.
      • To dissolve the Stone; which is one of the Physitians greatest secrets.
      • Unguentum Sanativum.
      • A Serecloath for all Aches.
      • An Oyntment to be made at any time of the yeare, and is approved good, and hath helped old Paines, Griefes, and Aches.
      • An Oyntment for the Sciatica.
      • A Water to drive away any Infection.
      • An excellent Conservative for the stomach, helping digestion, warming the braine, and drying the Rheumes.
      • An Oyntmnt for any wound or sore.
      • An excellent Oyntment for any Bruise or Ache.
      • A Plaister for a Bile or Push.
      • An approved good drink for the Pestilence.
      • For the Rheume in the gums or teeth.
      • For the Emroids.
      • An approved medicine for the Dropsey.
      • A Powder for Wounds.
      • An approved Medicine for the Green sicknesse.
      • A Medicine for a Pleurisie, Stitch, or Winde, offending in any part of the Body.
      • An approved Medicine for the Gout in the feet.
      • For one that cannot make water.
      • To kill the Ring worme, and heat thereof.
      • To make a Water for all Wounds and Cankers.
      • For a Swelling that cometh suddenly in mans Limbs.
    • Of Apricocks.
      • To dry Apricocks.
      • Clear Cakes of Quinces, or Apricocks.
      • The best way to Preserve Apricocks
    • Of Lillies.
      • The use of Oyle of Lillies.
      • To Candy all kinde of Flowers as they grow, with their stalks on.
      • To make the Rock Candies upon all Spices, Flowers, and Roots.
      • The Candy Sucket for green Ginger, Lettice, Flowers.
    • Of Grapes.
      • Syrupe Gresta, or a Syrupe of Unripe Grapes.
    • A Purge to drive out the French Pox, before you use the Oyntment.
      • The Oyntment for the French Pox.
      • What place to annoynt for the French Pox.
      • For a paine in the ears, or deafnesse.
    • Of Marigolds.
      • A very good Plaister to heale and dry up a Sore or Cut Suddenly.
      • The use of Conserve of Marigolds.
    • Of Cherries.
      • A way to dry Cherries.
      • How to Preserve Cherries.
      • To make all manner of Fruit Tarts.
      • To make a close Tart of Cherries.
      • To make fine Pippin Tarts.
      • To make a Tart of Butter and Eggs.
    • Of Goose-Berries.
      • To keep Goose-Berries.
      • The best way to Preserve Goose-Berries.
    • Of Plums.
      • The best way to dry Plums.
      • To Preserve Damsons.
      • To Preserve Bullasses as green as grasse.
      • To Preserve Pares, Pare-Plums, Plums.
    • Of Medlers.
      • To Preserve Medlers.
      • To make a Tart of Medlers.
    • Of Cucumbers.
      • How to keep Cucumbers.
      • To keep boyled Cucumbers.
      • To Pickle Cucumbers to keep all the yeare.
    • To make Snow.
      • To make Spiced Bread.
      • To make Craknels.
      • To make Veale-tooh's, or Olives.
      • To make a Barley Creame to procure sleepe, or Almond Milke.
      • To pickle Oysters.
      • To make very fine Sausages.
      • To cast all kind of Sugar works into Moulds.
      • To make all kinde of turned works in fruitage, hollow.
      • To make a Sallet of all kinds of Hearbs.
      • To make Fritter-stuffe
      • FINIS.
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