A Book of Fruits and Flowers
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A Book of Fruits and Flowers
Fruits & Flowers
The Nature and Use of them, either
for Meat or Medicine.
Of Lemmons.
A Lemmon Sallet.
To Preserve Oranges or Lemmons.
To make Past of Lemmons.
Sweet Bagges to lay amongst Linnen.
Medicines made of Lemmons.
To take away the Spots, or red Pimpels of the face.
A very good Medicine for the Stone.
To roste a Shoulder of Mutton with Lemmons.
To Boyle A Capon with Oranges and Lemmons.
A Lemmond Sallet.
Of Quinces.
The best way to Preserve Quinces.
A speciall Remembrance in doing them.
To Pickle Quinces.
To make Quince Cakes.
To make Printed Quidony of Quinces.
Of Roses.
To make sweet Bagges to lay Linnen in.
A very good Poultis for any Member swell'd and inflamed, and not broken, to take away the paine.
To make a sweet Cake, and with it a very sweet water.
Oyle of Roses.
Syrupe of Roses.
A Conserve of Roses.
To Preserve Roses or any other Flowers.
How to Preserve Barbaries.
To keep Barbaries to garnish your Meat.
Conserve of Barbaries.
Of Almonds.
To make Almond Biscate.
To make Almond Milke.
An approved Medicine for the running of the Reines.
Oyle of Almonds.
A Barley Cream to procure sleep, or Almond Milke.
An Oyntment to kill the Worms in little Children.
To make the best white Puddings.
An Almond Candle.
To make fine white Leach of Almonds.
To make Almond Butter.
To make Almond Cakes.
To make Paste of Almonds.
To make a Marchpine.
To make White-Broth with Almonds.
Of Straw-Berries.
A Tart of Straw-Berries.
Of Hartichoakes.
How to make a Hartichoake Pye.
To keep Hartichoakes for all the yeare.
To Preserve Hartichoakes.
To make a maid dish of Hartechoakes.
An Excellent Medicine or Salve for an Ache coming of cold, easie to be made by any Countrey Housewife.
To cake the Ague out of any place.
For the Ague in Children, or Women with Child.
To strengthen the Back weak or diseased.
For a Paine or Ache in the Back.
For a suddain Bleeding at the Nose.
A Medicine for Burning or Scalding.
For the Canker in Womens Breasts.
For the Canker in the Mouth.
To make a Tooth fall out of it selfe.
To take away the cause of the paine in the Teeth.
For A Consumption.
An excellent Medicine for the Cough of the Lungs.
Of Violets.
The use of Oyle of Violets.
The Syrupe of Violets.
The use of Conserve of Violets and Cowslips.
To make Paste of Violets, or any kind of Flowers.
Powder of Violets.
A good Plaister for the Strangury.
A Medicine for sore blood-shotten and Rhuematick eyes.
A Glister to open and loosen the Body being bound, which may safely be administred to any man or woman.
To cleanse the head, and take the Ache away.
A Medicine that hath healed old Sores upon the leggs, that have run so long that the bones have been seen.
An Oyntment for a Rupture.
A Barley Water to purge the Lungs and lights of all Diseases.
To Cure the Diseases of the Mother.
To kill Warts: an approved Medicine.
For the Piles.
A Medicine for the Piles.
A Diet for the Patient that hath Ulcers or Wounds that will hardly be Cured with Oyntments, Salves, or Plaisters.
Of Cowslips.
Oyle of Cowslips.
The use of the Oyle of Wormwood, and Oyle of Mint.
Syrupe of Cowslips.
To keep Cowslips for Salates.
To Conserve Cowslips.
To Preserve all kinde of Flowers in the Spanish Candy in Wedges.
A Medicine to break and heale sore breasts of Women, used by Mid-wives, and other skillfull Women in London.
A Medicine that hath recovered some from the Dropsie whome the Physitian hath given over.
An especiall Medicine for all manner of Poyson.
Doctor Lewin's Unguentum Rosatum, good for the heat in the Back.
Of Beanes.
To defend Humours.
To dissolve the Stone; which is one of the Physitians greatest secrets.
Unguentum Sanativum.
A Serecloath for all Aches.
An Oyntment to be made at any time of the yeare, and is approved good, and hath helped old Paines, Griefes, and Aches.
An Oyntment for the Sciatica.
A Water to drive away any Infection.
An excellent Conservative for the stomach, helping digestion, warming the braine, and drying the Rheumes.
An Oyntmnt for any wound or sore.
An excellent Oyntment for any Bruise or Ache.
A Plaister for a Bile or Push.
An approved good drink for the Pestilence.
For the Rheume in the gums or teeth.
For the Emroids.
An approved medicine for the Dropsey.
A Powder for Wounds.
An approved Medicine for the Green sicknesse.
A Medicine for a Pleurisie, Stitch, or Winde, offending in any part of the Body.
An approved Medicine for the Gout in the feet.
For one that cannot make water.
To kill the Ring worme, and heat thereof.
To make a Water for all Wounds and Cankers.
For a Swelling that cometh suddenly in mans Limbs.
Of Apricocks.
To dry Apricocks.
Clear Cakes of Quinces, or Apricocks.
The best way to Preserve Apricocks
Of Lillies.
The use of Oyle of Lillies.
To Candy all kinde of Flowers as they grow, with their stalks on.
To make the Rock Candies upon all Spices, Flowers, and Roots.
The Candy Sucket for green Ginger, Lettice, Flowers.
Of Grapes.
Syrupe Gresta, or a Syrupe of Unripe Grapes.
A Purge to drive out the French Pox, before you use the Oyntment.
The Oyntment for the French Pox.
What place to annoynt for the French Pox.
For a paine in the ears, or deafnesse.
Of Marigolds.
A very good Plaister to heale and dry up a Sore or Cut Suddenly.
The use of Conserve of Marigolds.
Of Cherries.
A way to dry Cherries.
How to Preserve Cherries.
To make all manner of Fruit Tarts.
To make a close Tart of Cherries.
To make fine Pippin Tarts.
To make a Tart of Butter and Eggs.
Of Goose-Berries.
To keep Goose-Berries.
The best way to Preserve Goose-Berries.
Of Plums.
The best way to dry Plums.
To Preserve Damsons.
To Preserve Bullasses as green as grasse.
To Preserve Pares, Pare-Plums, Plums.
Of Medlers.
To Preserve Medlers.
To make a Tart of Medlers.
Of Cucumbers.
How to keep Cucumbers.
To keep boyled Cucumbers.
To Pickle Cucumbers to keep all the yeare.
To make Snow.
To make Spiced Bread.
To make Craknels.
To make Veale-tooh's, or Olives.
To make a Barley Creame to procure sleepe, or Almond Milke.
To pickle Oysters.
To make very fine Sausages.
To cast all kind of Sugar works into Moulds.
To make all kinde of turned works in fruitage, hollow.
To make a Sallet of all kinds of Hearbs.
To make Fritter-stuffe
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