The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican Valley

The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican Valley

By Mayne Reid
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Captain Mayne Reid
  • "The Free Lances"
    • Chapter One.
      • Volunteers for Texas.
    • Chapter Two.
      • A Lady in the Case.
    • Chapter Three.
      • Officering the Filibusters.
    • Chapter Four.
      • An Invitation to Supper.
    • Chapter Five.
      • A Studied Insult.
    • Chapter Six.
      • “To the Salute!”
    • Chapter Seven.
      • A Duel “to the Death.”
    • Chapter Eight.
      • A Disgraced Duellist.
    • Chapter Nine.
      • A Spartan Band.
    • Chapter Ten.
      • The Acordada.
    • Chapter Eleven.
      • A Colonel in Full Feather.
    • Chapter Twelve.
      • “Do your darndest.”
    • Chapter Thirteen.
      • The Exiles Returned.
    • Chapter Fourteen.
      • On the Azotea.
    • Chapter Fifteen.
      • Waiting and Watching.
    • Chapter Sixteen.
      • A Mutual Misapprehension.
    • Chapter Seventeen.
      • Por Las Zancas.
    • Chapter Eighteen.
      • Tyrant and Tool.
    • Chapter Nineteen.
      • A Wooden-Legged Lothario.
    • Chapter Twenty.
      • A Pair of Beautiful Petitioners.
    • Chapter Twenty One.
      • A Woman’s Scheme.
    • Chapter Twenty Two.
      • In the Sewers.
    • Chapter Twenty Three.
      • The Procession.
    • Chapter Twenty Four.
      • Significant Glances.
    • Chapter Twenty Five.
      • A Mysterious Missive.
    • Chapter Twenty Six.
      • The Play of Eyes.
    • Chapter Twenty Seven.
      • A Letter Dexterously Delivered.
    • Chapter Twenty Eight.
      • Looking out for a Landau.
    • Chapter Twenty Nine.
      • A Clumsy Cochero.
    • Chapter Thirty.
      • The Poor Ladies.
    • Chapter Thirty One.
      • A Transformation.
    • Chapter Thirty Two.
      • An Unlooked-for Salute.
    • Chapter Thirty Three.
      • “Is it a Grito?”
    • Chapter Thirty Four.
      • An ill-used Coachman.
    • Chapter Thirty Five.
      • Double Mounted.
    • Chapter Thirty Six.
      • The Pedregal.
    • Chapter Thirty Seven.
      • A Suspicion of Connivance.
    • Chapter Thirty Eight.
      • The Report of the Pursuer.
    • Chapter Thirty Nine.
      • Up the Mountain.
    • Chapter Forty.
      • A Faithful Steward.
    • Chapter Forty One.
      • Anxious Hours.
    • Chapter Forty Two.
      • A Holy Brotherhood.
    • Chapter Forty Three.
      • What are they?
    • Chapter Forty Four.
      • The Abbot.
    • Chapter Forty Five.
      • The Free Lances.
    • Chapter Forty Six.
      • Saint Augustine of the Caves.
    • Chapter Forty Seven.
      • Over the Cliff.
    • Chapter Forty Eight.
      • On down the Mountain.
    • Chapter Forty Nine.
      • A Tale of Starvation.
    • Chapter Fifty.
      • An Encounter with Old Acquaintances.
    • Chapter Fifty One.
      • A Grumbling Guard.
    • Chapter Fifty Two.
      • A Danae’s Shower.
    • Chapter Fifty Three.
      • A Series of Surprises.
    • Chapter Fifty Four.
      • Monks no More.
    • Chapter Fifty Five.
      • “Only empty Bottles.”
    • Chapter Fifty Six.
      • A Day of Suspense.
    • Chapter Fifty Seven.
      • Under Arrest.
    • Chapter Fifty Eight.
      • The Cochero Dogged.
    • Chapter Fifty Nine.
      • Ready to Start.
    • Chapter Sixty.
      • “Surrender!”
    • Chapter Sixty One.
      • Conclusion.
      • The End.
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