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Caribbean Heritage
Basil A. Reid
Caribbean Heritage
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This volume provides an important entrée into the current thinking and rethinking on Caribbean heritage. Included are several topics that represent the rich plurality of the Caribbean experience, such as symbolism, popular culture, literature, linguistics, pedagogy, philanthropy, natural history, land tenure, townscapes, archaeology and museology.

Given its multidisciplinary approach, Caribbean Heritage will have considerable appeal to a wide range of scholars such as folklorists, environmentalists, heritage professionals, linguists, librarians, cultural studies experts, historians, archaeologists, museologists, and students involved in heritage studies in the region and beyond.

Caribbean Heritage: An Introduction
1. Anansi: An African Legacy
2. Measuring the Postmodern Dynamics of Trinidadian Cultural Heritage
3. Our Cross to Bear
4. Population Dynamics and Temporal Impact on Popular Culture
5. Hispanic Heritage in Trinidad
6. The Politics of Perspective
7. “Culturally Relevant Pedagogy” in the Caribbean
8. The Role of Proverbs in Caribbean Education
9. Caribbean Languages and Caribbean Linguistics
10. The Role of Libraries in Preserving and Disseminating Caribbean Heritage Materials
11. Postcard Images of Trinidad
12. Audrey Layne Jeffers
13. West Indian Patriot in West Africa
14. Caribbean People and the Sea
15. Natural History of Trinidad and Tobago
16. Medicinal Plants of Trinidad and Tobago
17. Caribbean Food Plants
18. Valuing Our “Family Land” Heritage
19. The Evolution of a Townscape
20. Geology and the Preservation of Historic Buildings
21. Exploring Caribbean Industrial Heritage
22. Creativity in Maritime Heritage Management in the Cayman Islands
23. Regulating the Movement of Cultural Property Within and Out of Jamaica
24. Imagined History
25. Identity Forged
Glossary of Terms
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