Grenada: Revolution and Invasion

Grenada: Revolution and Invasion

By Lewis, Patsy/ Williams, Gary/ Clegg, Peter
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Book Description

Grenada: Revolution and Invasion, edited by Patsy Lewis, Gary Williams and Peter Clegg, was recently published by the University of the West Indies Press. This volume presents a wide-ranging collection of essays by academics in the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the United States, each with a unique perspective on the revolution and its effects. The editors of this book succinctly capture the Grenada events of 1979–1983, especially the revolution’s tragic demise, which brought the country to the world stage. “The articles are well ritten and the scholarship is sound. . . . The work includes articles by some of the leading scholars of the Grenadian revolution and compares favourably with other books on the subject.”

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction / Patsy Lewis, Gary Williams, Peter Clegg
  • Part 1. REVOLUTION
    • 1. What Happened? / Merle Collins
    • 2. Women in the Grenada Revolution / Nicole Phillip-Dowe
    • 3. The Revolution and Its Discontents / Laurie R. Lambert
    • 4. Ferrets in the Caribbean / Gary Williams
  • Part 2. INVASION
    • 5.The “Grenada Diaries” / Richard Hart
    • 6. A Response to Edward Seaga’s The Grenada Intervention / Patsy Lewis
    • 7. The Grenada Invasion, International Law and the Scoon Invitation / Robert J. Beck
    • 8. Journalism and the Invasion of Grenada Thirty Years On / Howard Tumber
    • 9. The United States in the Caribbean / Shridath Ramphal
    • 10. Written Into Amnesia? / Jermaine O. McCalpin
    • 11. Party Politics and Governance in Grenada / Wendy C. Grenade
    • 12. Coming in from the Cold / John Walton Cotman
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Contributors
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