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Memory and Landscapes : The Works of Four Early Twentieth-Century Barbadian Writers
Zoanne Evans
Literature & Fiction
Memory and Landscapes : The Works of Four Early Twentieth-Century Barbadian Writers
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Memory and Landscapes examines the impact of the literary and journalistic contributions of W. S. Arthur, Hilton Vaughan, Karl Sealy, and A. N. Forde, key contributors to the shaping of Barbadian and West Indian writing. Where the early works of Jamaican writers such as Thomas McDermott and H. G. deLisser and Trinidadians Alfred Mendes and Albert Gomes have been the subject of exploration and exposition, there has been little to no critical study on their Barbadian counterparts. In addressing this gap, Zoanne Evans analyses the contributions of Arthur, Vaughan, Sealy, and Forde in laying the foundation for what is now known as West Indian Literature. Their challenge of the colonial norms in a creolized society that held fast to racial and class divides and the negative stereotyping of the Black working class was a precursor to the creation and development of a national literature and cultural identity

Theoretical Framework
West Indian Writing in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
1. W. S. Arthur
The Nature Poems and Local Flora
Gender Representation in Arthur’s Poems
Country, Villages, Town, and Landmarks
(The Windmill)
Poems of War, Race, and Racism
2. H. A. Vaughan
Odes to Great Men
Poems of Nature, Praise, Rebuke, and Love
Nature and Love
In Acknowledgement of the Working Class
Black Beauty, Local Culture, and Life
The Importance of the Forum Magazine
3. Karl Sealy
Race and Class in the Short Stories
Migration as a Means of Escape and
Upward Mobility
‘The Old Time Way’: The Impact of Sealy’s Upbringing on His Work
Love, Marriage, Family, and Relationships
The Writer as Pioneer and Literary Historian
4. A. N. Forde
Race, Class, and Politics
The Family and the Father Figure in Forde’s Short Stories
The Beginnings of Nationalism: Preserver of the Past
Appendix I:
Photos of the Four Authors
Appendix II:
Programme for W. S. Arthur’s 100th Birthday Celebrations at the Public Library
Appendix III:
Letter to W. S. Arthur from British Publisher
Appendix IV:
Visit by dLOC Librarian
Appendix V:
Extract from Karl Sealy’s Column ‘The Old Time Way’
Appendix VI:
Handwritten Biography on A. N. Forde
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