The Work of Authorship

The Work of Authorship

By Mireille van Eechoud
Book Description

Technological and economic concerns have long been the drivers of debate about copyright. But diverse disciplines in the humanities - including literary studies, aesthetics, film studies, and the philosophy of art - have a great deal to offer if we wish to establish a more nuanced and useful conception of copyright and authorship. This volume brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the challenges inherent in translating aesthetics and creativity studies to concepts of copyright, especially as longstanding approaches are troubled by the rise of the digital.

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Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Contents
    • Voices near and far
      • Introduction
        • Mireille van Eechoud
    • Creative work and communicative norms
      • Perspectives from legal philosophy
        • Laura Biron
    • Romantic authorship in copyright law and the uses of aesthetics
      • Erlend Lavik
    • Creativity, autonomy and personal touch
      • A critical appraisal of the CJEU’s originality test for copyright
        • Stef van Gompel
    • Adapting the work
      • Mireille van Eechoud
    • Reassessing the challenge of the digital
      • An empirical perspective on authorship and copyright
        • Elena Cooper
    • Creativity and the sense of collective ownership in theatre and popular music
      • Jostein Gripsrud
    • Discontinuities between legal conceptions of authorship and social practices
      • What, if anything, is to be done?
        • Lionel Bently and Laura Biron
    • About the authors
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