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KS3 History Depth Study: Migration Nation eBook Second Edition
Aaron Wilkes
KS3 History Depth Study: Migration Nation eBook Second Edition
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Explore some of the many perspectives and experiences of migration to the UK with accessible case studies on Jewish, Irish, Caribbean, South Asian and Eastern European migration. These case studies along with overarching questions will stimulate discussion and help students understand how what has happened in the past continues to have impact and shape the relationships that Britain has with the world today.

Written by Aaron Wilkes in consultation with expert historians, this engaging book enhances Oxford's best-selling KS3 History textbooks, and can be used flexibly with other schemes of work. The captivating pages give a detailed insight into British and world history, allowing you to delve deeper into topics and themes of particular interest, and diversify your curriculum.

Big Question 1: What is migration?
Big Question 2: Why should we study migration?
Big Question 3: Who were the earliest migrants to Britain?
Chapter 1: Jewish migration
1.1 The first Jewish community in England
1.2 The return of Jewish people
1.3 The Battle of Cable Street
1.4 Jewish people in modern Britain
1 Have you been learning?
Big Question 4: Why have migrants come to Britain?
Chapter 2: Irish migration
2.1 The Great Hunger
2.2 How did Irish people help build Britain?
2.3 Irish people in modern Britain
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Big Question 5: Why did Black people migrate to Britain before the twentieth century?
Chapter 3: Caribbean migration
3.1 Caribbean migration before the Second World War
3.2A/B The Windrush generation
3.3A/B The Caribbean experience in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
3.4 The fight against prejudice
3.5 Activism and achievement
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Big Question 6: How has migration changed Britain?
Big Question 7: How has migration been portrayed in the media?
Chapter 4: South Asian migration
4.1 Britain and South Asia
4.2A/B The South Asian experience
4.3 South Asian people in East Africa
4.4 South Asian people in Britain today
4 Have you been learning?
Big Question 8: Which migrant groups have arrived in Britain in recent years?
Chapter 5: Eastern European migration
5.1A/B Eastern European migration to Britain before and after the Second World War
5.2 The EU and Eastern European migration
5.3 Eastern Europeans in Britain today
5 Have you been learning?
Big Question 9: Why is migration a controversial topic?
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